Instead of flooding Facebook with a million pictures and long status updates — I have decided to recap our summer using this blog.

My beautiful girlfriend/partner/lifer [Katelyn] and I left for Las Vegas in May, for what would be my 4th summer dealing poker at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino for the World Series of Poker. I had to be there a week or two early to do some paperwork, which was totally cool since Katelyn was hoping to find a summer job and this allowed us to get a jump start on interviews, meeting people, etc.

Luckily, we have some very gracious friends in Las Vegas and we heard about a possible chip-runner position at the Bellagio poker room. She applied that day, interviewed shortly after, and landed the best non-dealing job in poker besides a floor supervisor. A chip-runner’s job is to go to the poker cashier and retrieve chips for players when they buy in or need another stack, as well as delivers food to the players’ table.

The Bellagio Poker Room is by far the best in Las Vegas, in terms of quality and variety of poker games. They have allllllll the big money games. Katelyn was lucky enough to deliver a meal to Doyle Brunson. If anyone knows poker, they know about the legend of Doyle.

Here is a picture of Katelyn in her work attire, along with a very nice dealer named Joe, who couldn’t stop talking about how hard she worked all summer.

As for me, I worked about as hard as they let you (40-45 hours/week) for 7-8 weeks. I dealt cash games on the evening shift for the first half the summer. The second half of the summer I was on the day shift and dealt the tournaments.

As you can see here, there are hundreds of us who call Las Vegas “home” for 2 months out of the year (this is just WSOP dealers at the Rio). After the main event action concludes, a bunch of these people will be in Florida or Oklahoma — dealing the next tournament.

Thanks to Katelyn for being my caddy/driver while I whacked a little white ball around the Rockies for a few hours. This was in Eagle, CO, on our way to Vegas.

This is our backyard for the summer. We were about 2 miles from the Strip, living with  about 7 traveling poker dealers. Katelyn and I had our own room & bathroom. Shout out to Mark, Sandy, and Clarke for allowing us to hang out for a few months.

A cool million #relationshipgoals

We went hiking in Las Vegas many times. Mount Charleston is about 45 minutes from the strip and its at least 20 degrees cooler due to the elevation. Those hiking poles are very helpful if anyone is serious about hiking. They are basically just adjustable ski poles.

The Gold Spike had life-size beer pong and jenga, four square, shuffleboard, cornhole, ping pong, life-size billiards but using soccer balls, etc. I would highly recommend this place if you’re ever in Las Vegas. It is located near Fremont Street, which we visited close to 10 times this summer. Cheap drinks, cheap gambling, people watching, live music, street performers, etc.

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas

Las Vegas 51’s Game (Met’s AAA team)
*$1 beers on Thursday nights

Since we drove 25 hours across the country, a miniature Cali trip was in the books. We rented some beach cruisers and biked up and down Venice/Santa Monica beach. We stayed with a buddy from high school, Tim Bryant, who is literally living the dream in LA.

We are very lucky to be in a position to do this ‘summer gig.’ If we just gave it up or never tried to do it in the first place, it would be a missed opportunity.

**Shout out to my boss & loving mother for allowing me to have these experiences. She said if she was in my shoes, she would be doing the same thing, which is a comforting/supportive thought as I spent time away from the insurance business.

I will mainly be using this blog for insurance topics or updates to the insurance industry. I hope you enjoyed a peek into our spontaneous life.

“If you can’t do what you imagine, then what is imagination to you?”